We know what it’s like to have questions, especially when it comes to foster care and adoption. We don’t have all the answers, but we can help you find what you’re looking for. If it isn’t on our site, one of our helpful links may point you in the right direction.


So you’ve thought about it, read about it, talked about it. Maybe you’ve even been there, done that. No matter what your situation, it’s likely you’ve got questions about foster care or adoption. Am I ready? What’s the cost? Who are the kids? What do I do first?
We’ll help … we promise. Just take a deep breath and then take a look at these links we’ve collected for you.


Michigan Department of Human Services

The State Agency for foster and adoption in Michigan. View profiles of children available for adoption in the MARE book, and brush up on state regulations pertaining to foster care and adoption.


Oakland Family Services

OFS is a non-profit agency offering services in foster care, private adoption and adoption through the State of Michigan.


Hope for Orphans

A ministry of Family Life, Hope for Orphans packs tons of information into its Web site. Check out “Eight Steps to Adoption” under the Adoption tab.


Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE)

Find out more about the children awaiting adoption in Michigan’s foster care system.

Show Hope

Originally named after Shaohannah Hope Chapman, daughter of Christian musician, Steven Curtis Chapman, Show Hope offers financial aid to adoptive families and seeks to mobilize communities to care for orphans. We especially like the “Pray” page under the Get Involved tab—it shows photos and brief profiles of children waiting for forever families.


How to Adopt

The name says it all. This is a great place to visit when pondering the option of adoption. The “Getting Started” link is a good place to begin.


Heartline Ministries

For anyone looking to get involved with the orphan care effort in Haiti, this organization collects donations for the people it serves and is currently working to expand an existing orphanage.


Guides from Tapestry Ministry

A ministry of Irving Bible Church, Tapestry provides resources to help you through every stage of foster care and adoption. From a fleeting thought to a permanent placement, their guides will bring you wisdom and encouragement.


The Heart Gallery

Learn more about this traveling photo exhibit that brings the stories of kids in foster care to you.


Cry of the Orphan Web site

An awareness campaign in its third year, Cry of the Orphan seeks to motivate people to help care for the orphans of the world.


I Care About Orphans Web site

Check out this Focus on the Family site to read articles, watch videos and find helpful resources on foster care and adoption.


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