The story goes …
It was the winter of 2007 when I saw a video by Family Life that was about starting an orphan ministry in your church. I was quite inspired because I had been aware of the huge need of orphans in our world. My husband and I adopted a daughter from Haiti and had our eyes opened to the overwhelming number of orphans not only in the United States, but all over the world. Because of that I was compelled to try to get something started with a few people from Kensington Community Church. I knew that people would respond and reach out to orphans if someone would make them aware. So, it was in February of 2008 when a small group of people with a heart for orphans met to embark on this journey of hope. God has been providing and opening doors ever since.

Giving Orphans Hope (GO Hope) is an organization looking to serve the orphans of the world, beginning with those in our metro-Detroit backyard. We’re starting small because we are small. But we’re convinced that the God who loves these kids more than we can imagine also has bigger plans for this cause than we can imagine. So as we grow, little by little, we’re embracing every chance we get to share the stories of these children and to involve people in the effort to bring them hope.

We’re eager to partner with local agencies, churches and organizations that support our work. We want to see the Church mobilized to meet the needs of the 143 million orphans of the world. And through awareness initiatives, educational events, service projects, fundraisers, forums and shared experiences with foster care and adoption, we will bring hope to the orphans … little by little.

GO Hope is an independent volunteer organization based in Oakland County, Michigan. We are on the move, spreading stories of need, love and hope. And we would love for you to join us!
Carol Ray
Founding Member, Giving Orphans Hope